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Did the trainer maintain an appropriate non-discriminatory manner throughout the session?

Learning Strategies

  What Does The ADI 1 Say

“The ADI should maintain an atmosphere in which the pupil feels comfortable to express their opinions. They should create an open, friendly environment for learning, regardless of the pupil’s age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, physical abilities or any other irrelevant factor. This implies active respect for the pupil, their values and what constitutes appropriate behaviour in their culture.

 The ADI must not display inappropriate attitudes or behaviours towards other road users
and should challenge their pupil if they display these behaviours.”

Positives the examiner is looking for in this competency.


Keeping a respectful distance and not invading the pupil’s personal space. (Unintentail pitfalls here can include, putting a diagram on your lap for the pupil to draw on or look at. Have the diagram between you or give it to the learner.

Reaching behind for folders. Have them easily accessible or get out and get them.

Reaching across to help with button or switch. There may be times you have to reach across for safety reasons but these should be limited to emergency moments.)

Asking the pupil how they wish to be addressed. (Don’t make assumptions.)

Asking a disabled driver to explain what the ADI needs to know about their condition.

Adopting an appropriate position in the car. 

Using language about other road users that is not derogatory and that does not invite the pupil to collude with any discriminatory attitude. (Avoid using any stereotypes and challenge your pupil’s stereotypes, use them as learning opportunities. Classic examples are bmw drivers, van drivers, taxi drivers, old drivers.)

What To Avoid

Invading somebody’s physical space.

Touching the pupil, including trying to shake hands, unless it is necessary for safety reasons.

Using somebody’s first name unless they have said that this is acceptable.

Commenting on the pupil’s appearance or any other personal attribute unless it has a direct impact on their ability to drive safely, such as wearing shoes that make it difficult for them to operate the vehicle’s pedals.

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