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Standards Check Training

In-car training £45 p/h

Virtual Training £45 per hour

Theory-Based Training £45 p/h

Standards Check Training Tailored to your needs


We can help in many ways depending on your needs and situation, for example;

  •  Observe a lesson with feedback at the end. (Mock test)
  • Sit in on lessons and offer help and solutions as we go.
  •  Virtual training
  •  Theory-based training, helping you understand the standards check.

Theory-Based Training

Sometimes the knowlege behind the Standards Check can make demonstrating the competencies much easier.

We offer a theory-based session to discuss the 17 competencies in detail and ways to adhere to them on lessons. We can dispel any myths and rumours you may have heard on the grapevine. 

This can be linked with our in-car training.


Why Choose Us?

  •  14 Years Experience!
  •  We’ve studied the Standards Check inside out so you don’t have to
  •  We’ll simplify it for you and break through all the myths and rumours.
  •  Our hours of CPD training has set us up to pass on this knowledge and help our fellow instructors.
  •  Friendly manner, we won’t sugar-coat your training needs but we will always be friendly and supportive.
  •  We offer solutions not just feedback. Having an idea what you need to work on is one thing but we offer workable solutions to fix those issues too.


In-car training!

Theory-based training!

Virtual training!

In-Car Standards Check Training

In-car training can be tailored to your needs.


Would you prefer an assesment/mock session with feedback at the end? If so, we can do that suggesting any improvements that may be needed.

An interactive session may work better for some, with guidance throughout the lesson much like you would guide a learner towards success.

However you decide, we can help you to understand and implement what’s needed for a great score on the standards check.

Virtual Standards Check Training

 Virtual training can be great if you don’t want someone sitting in on your lessons, or if you just want some reassurance that you’re doing things right.

All you need to do is record a lesson using your phone or camera, send it to us and we’ll review it and we can discuss feedback and any solutions you may want to implement.

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