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Was the trainer aware of the surroundings and the pupils actions?

Risk Management

What Does The ADI 1 Say

This question lies at the heart of the ADI’s professional skill.

They should be able to:

• Take in the outside world.
• Observe the actions of the pupil, including comments and body language.
• Judge whether those actions are suitable in any given situation.
• Respond accordingly.

Positives the examiner is looking for in this competency.

• Watch and listen to you pupil.

This competency has the shortest explanation but is probably the most crucial to success. Although all competencies are important, if you do see your pupil’s faults or hear their needs then you will be falling on not only on this competency but others too.

Missing faults or cues from your pupils could mean your missing opportunities for your pupil to learn.

  • Aware of your surroundings.

Looking around at traffic situations. You will need to be spotting the traffic situations or hazards in good time so that you can either access how your pupil handles it or so you offer assistance to your pupil.



Big no no’s


There’s a couple of traps instructors can fall into on this competency. Obviously other than watching your pupil and surroundings. Don’t get caught out checking your notes whilst on the move where you may miss a fault or learning opportunity, also don’t take drinks whilst on the move. Partly as you can’t see but also your hands need to be free to take control if needed.

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