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Were opportunities and examples used to clarify learning outcomes?

Learning Strategies

  What Does The ADI 1 Say

“While training in technique is core to the learning process it is important to reinforce this
input and to link it with theory. The best way to do this is to use real-world situations during
the lesson. The use of practical examples and scenarios on a lesson gives the pupil a
better understanding of when, how and why to use a particular technique. This can be
done, for example, by asking the pupil to think about why mirrors are important when
changing direction. “

Positives the examiner is looking for in this competency.


Using examples identified on a lesson in a suitable way and at a suitable time to confirm or reinforce understanding. 

Exploring different ways to use examples to respond to differences in preferred learning style.

Using examples that are within the pupil’s range of experience and ability to understand.

Recognising that some pupils will be able to respond instantly while others will want to think about the issue.

What to avoid

Using examples the pupil cannot really understand through lack of experience.

Using complex examples that the pupil doesn’t have the ability to respond to.

Failing to give the pupil time to think through the issues and come to their own conclusion.

Imposing an interpretation.

This competency is all about digging deeper and ensuring learning is taking place at a more in-depth level than just remembering.

There are a few ways to do this,

Go deeper with questions. So instead of just asking where a pupil is looking at a roundabout, you’re also asking “what are you looking for?” “what if…..?” “How will work it out?” “How might this be different at night/with friends in the car/ at rush hour?”

Another way this competency pops up is by using our surroundings to engage in learning. For example, using the cyclist, signpost, or junction to have discussions and then when mixed with digging deeper that is when learning opportunities really happen.

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