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Were the practice areas suitable?

What Does The ADI 1 Say

“The PDI should use an area or route that allows the pupil to practise safely and helps them to achieve their goals. It should provide some stretch and challenge, but without taking the pupil out of their competence zone.”

Positives the examiner is looking for in this competency.

• A range of opportunities to address the agreed learning objectives.

(You will want to choose an area that will provide lots of chances to practice your topic. For example, if you want to practice roundabouts you will want an area with a few roundabouts. Try to plan loops, so the learner can repeat situations building on their learning. You don’t want a 25-minute route out and back.)

• Challenges, but is realistic in terms of the pupil’s capabilities and confidence.

(This about finding the sweet spot in the pupil’s learning. If the roads/areas you choose are too challenging then the pupil won’t be learning, just surviving. If they are too easy the pupil will be bored and not learning. You can increase the difficulty of an easy route by expanding the pupil’s thought process and deeper thinking.)


Don’t plan a long route.

Don’t plan a long route out and back. The main issue with this is “what are you learning?” With so many topics coming up, you will be either constantly trying to survive or giving a little bit of info on a lot of topics, rather than in-depth knowledge on a particular topic.

Try to plan a loop/loops and exploit all the learning opportunities.


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