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5 Things To Know About Driving Lessons In Newton Abbot

At Cowley’s School of Motoring we offer high-quality driving lessons in Newton Abbot, here are 5 things to know about driving lessons in Newton Abbot.

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1.  There are lots and lots of roundabouts. From Balls Corner to Penn Inn there are roundabouts all over the place. Don’t be worried though, in fact, this is a good thing as it will give you plenty of opportunities to learn and master the art of roundabouts. Roundabouts also help grow key driving skills that you can apply to the rest of your driving. If you want to learn more about roundabouts check out our how to do roundabouts page.


2.  Dual Carriageways in Newton Abbot have small slip roads. Due to the rural nature of the surrounding areas, the slip roads near Newton Abbot can be quite small making them a little trickier. Not to worry though as again this provides you the opportunity to improve your skills on your driving lessons.


3.  Newton Abbot Test Centre car park is small and can make parking trickier. During your driving lessons in Newton Abbot, you should try and head over to the test centre at some point to have a go. Just make sure this is out of normal test times as you don’t want to get in the way of somebody’s test. Although this is helpful it’s not essential because if you learn reversing properly and how to adjust and correct you should be able to adapt to any reversing scenario.


4.  It’s hilly! Make sure from an early point in your driving lessons in Newton Abbot that you start practicing clutch control and hill starts. Start on smaller inclines working up to steeper hills. Also, get practice using clutch control at junctions, can you hold it on the bite and creep forward using the clutch.


5.  Newton Abbot’s pass rate is 49.5% which is slightly higher than the national rate of 45.9%. But it does still mean that just over half of all tests taken fail! We want to give you better odds than a coin flip, we do that in several ways. First, all our instructors have continuous training to keep up to date with the latest training methods. We also make sure our pupils are fully ready to take their test, not being ready is the biggest reason the national pass rate is so low. We offer mock tests so you can prepare for the big day, these can be with a different instructor to make it more realistic and give you the feeling of the real test.


Get in touch to book your driving lessons in Newton Abbot. Our team of driving instructors are waiting to get you ready for your driving test and beyond. For more information visit our Newton Abbot Driving Lessons page.

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