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Book your driving lessons in Teignmouth, we have instructors ready to get you on the road and driving in no time. With our high pass rates and 5 star reviews, you can trust us with your learning.


5 star driving lessons


I am exceedingly grateful for all the help I received from Cowley’s School of Motoring! Both Phil and Anne- Marie are friendly and helpful. I studied with Phil who was always calm and patient, this really helped me feel at ease at the wheel! -a clear expert in his field. His extra time and effort put in to make sure I passed, as well as looking after the application process made the examination as stress free as possible! I would recommend Cowley’s School of Motoring to anyone.

You will love our driving lessons in Teignmouth


Driving in Teignmouth can be tricky with all the hills and narrow roads. Our expert driving instructors will help you overcome these and guide you to success. 

All our driving instructors are paitent and friendly, making driving lessons fun and relaxing. 

With your driving lessons in Teignmouth you will most likely be taking your driving test in Newton Abbot.

Your driving instructor will help you learn in all the best areas, so you’re ready for the big test day.

Learning To Drive in Teignmouth

Driving Lessons in Teignmouth are great, with lots places to practice and become a excellent driver.

Your Cowley’s School of Motoring driving instructor will take you around all the best learning areas such as Penn Inn roundabout and the tricky drive to Newton Abbot on those bendy roads.

You will get lots of practice on the local dual carriageways like the A38, A380 and the new South Devon Express way.


5 Star Driving Lessons

Paitent Driving Instructors

High Pass Rates

Our Driving Instructors in Teignmouth


Our team of experienced driving instructors will get you driving in no time and passing your test with flying colours.

Using their training and local knowledge your driving instructor will help you master driving around Teignmouth, Newton Abbot’s driving test routes and become a whizz at reversing.

Automatic Driving Lessons Teignmouth

Are you finding clutch control or gears tricky, or just want a more relaxing drive?Why not try Automatic Driving Lessons? Learn in our enviromentally friendly cars.

We offer Automatic Driving Lessons in Teignmouth and surrounding areas.

Check out our Automatic Driving Lessons page for more information.

Female Driving Instructor Teignmouth

Female Driving Instructor

Would you prefer a female Driving Instructor? We like to be able to cater for everyone’s preferences and needs, so if you’d feel more comfortable with a female Driving Instructor then let us know when booking your lessons.

Intensive Course Teignmouth

Do you need to learn quckly? We have a range of different options and tailor the intensive course to your needs.

Whether its a full course of driving lessons for a beginner or a short course for those with experience or a anything in between. We can arrange the right option for you.

Check out our intensive driving lessons page for more information.

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