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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions Terms and conditionsInterpretation and Application

1. In these terms and conditions (the “Conditions”) “We”, “Us” or “Our” means Cowley’s School of Motoring. “Licence” means a valid Full or Provisional Driving Licence. 

2. Cowley’s of Motoring is registered in England at address 6 Middle Budleigh Meadow, Newton Abbot, Devon, Tq12 1UH.

3. “You” or “Your” means you the customer or any representative or third party making a booking on Your behalf.

4. You must read these Conditions in full as they set out the complete terms upon which We have agreed to provide and You have agreed to obtain driving lesson tuition from Us.

5. We and Your Driving Instructor reserve the right to charge for any lessons affected by Your failure to comply with any of these Conditions.

Lesson Tuition

Lesson Tuition is only available to persons who meet the following criteria:

1. Aged 17 or over (or aged 16 if in receipt of the higher rate element of the disability living allowance) and

2. Who hold a valid UK provisional driving licence (“Licence”) and

3. Who are legally entitled to drive in the UK.

4. Meet the minimum legal eye test requirements to drive. If you need glasses or contact lenses, You must ensure that these are worn during your lesson. For more information see

Your Rights and Responsibilities

1. It is Your responsibility to ensure that You have the appropriate Licence and the Licence must be presented to Your Driving Instructor prior to the commencement of Your tuition.

2. Your Instructor reserves the right to refuse to provide You with lesson tuition or to cancel any lessons You have agreed to or booked, without liability, if You fail to provide him/her with the Licence prior to Your first lesson.

3. Your lesson tuition is governed by a contract between You and Your Instructor. Accordingly, You and Your Instructor are responsible for arranging the date, time, pick-up location and duration of Your lessons. 

4. You will treat Your Instructor with respect and follow Your Instructor’s reasonable instructions, particularly with regard to matters affecting Your health and safety or the health and safety of others.

5. You have the Right to Cancel Your booking. Our Cancellation and Refund Policy is outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

Our Rights and Responsibilities

1. To Provide You with lesson tuition at the hourly rate / service rate communicated to You from time to time. 

2. Provide You with lessons and services for the duration of the lesson / service which has been booked and subsequently purchased;

3. Provide a presentable, modern, properly maintained and dual controlled car for each lesson;

4. Monitor Your progress, advise and recommend what is, in Our opinion, the appropriate time to book Your mock practical test and once it has been agreed between Us and You, apply for Your practical driving test and where required, we will advise whether it should be subsequently rescheduled;

5. Provide training on a one-to-one basis with no other learner in the car;

6. Arrive on time for a pre-arranged lesson. We cannot be held responsible for any circumstances out of Our control which would impact this. We guarantee to initiate contact with You in advance if possible to notify You of any deviation to Your lesson slot.

7. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel Your lesson booking(s) at any time. We will always do this in full consultation with You and We will endeavour to ensure that causes minimal impact to Your tuition.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. You are entitled to cancel Your lesson tuition up to 7 days following the date of commitment (“Booking Date”) or otherwise in accordance with the Distance Selling Regulations 2000 (the “Regulations”). If You have not taken any lesson(s) within the first 7 days of the Booking Date You will be entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid.

2. You are entitled to cancel Your lesson tuition where there is less than 7 days to the date of your booking. We require a minimum of 48 hours notice (“Minimum Notice”) of Cancellation in order to issue a refund to You. Where the minimum 48 hour notice period has been provided and acknowledged by Us, You will be entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid.

3. You are entitled to cancel Your lesson tuition where there is less than 48 hours until Your Booking Date. You must contact us in advance of Your Booking Date in order to complete the cancellation. Cancellations within this time period are subject to a Cancellation Fee equal to 100% of the value of the time slot booked for that specific period.

4. If You have booked and Pre-Paid for Your lesson as part of a Block Booking, Pass Plus or All-Inclusive service, the Cancellation Fee will be equal to 100% of the cost of a standard lesson fee for the period booked and cancelled, this will be deducted from Your Pre-Paid allowance. 

5. Where You have pre-paid for any lesson but fail to attend or provide the Minimum Notice to cancel or rearrange the lesson, it will be counted as a lesson taken for the purposes of the lesson cancellation policy and You will be liable for 100% of the lesson fee. We will make all reasonable attempts to contact You, if You fail to attend upon commencement of Your booked slot, We will wait 15 minutes before departing and subsequently cancelling Your lesson.

6. You are not permitted to sell or transfer any lessons or services which You have pre-paid to any 3rd party, without the prior written consent of Cowley’s School of Motoring.

7. If We cancel Your lesson due to unforeseen circumstances and You do not wish to reschedule your booking, You are entitled to a Full Refund for the lesson or slot which was cancelled. This will be processed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. We will not charge a Cancellation fee if a lesson is cancelled by Us.

Price Changes and Limitations

1. We reserve the right to change the price of any or all of our services or charges without prior notification, at any time.

2. The cost of Block Booked services are based on the lesson or service price at the time that the booking is made and will be honoured for a period of 6 months from the date of booking after which, any unused hours / lessons will expire.

3. We reserve the right to introduce and withdraw at Our discretion, special offers and discounts which We may decide special offers may be excluded from Our Cancellation Policy.

4. Neither the Instructor nor We have, or shall have any liability to You in relation to any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of the tuition vehicle or from the facts or omissions of Your Instructor or any other one of Our Instructors.

5. We do not guarantee to provide the provision of any of the services referred to in these Conditions if We are prevented from doing so in circumstances beyond Our reasonable control, including without limitations, the activities of civil government authorities, third party disputes, acts of God, or severe weather conditions.

6. We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the services referred to in these Conditions and to these Conditions for any reason We deem necessary.