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Driving Lessons Newton Abbot

 5 Start Driving Lessons in Newton Abbot and surrounding areas. Our Newton Abbot Driving Instructors are ready to help you pass your driving test.


5 star driving lessons

I am exceedingly grateful for all the help I received from Cowley’s School of Motoring! Both Phil and Anne- Marie are friendly and helpful. I studied with Phil who was always calm and patient, this really helped me feel at ease at the wheel! -a clear expert in his field. His extra time and effort put in to make sure I passed, as well as looking after the application process made the examination as stress free as possible! I would recommend Cowley’s School of Motoring to anyone.

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How to book your driving lessons in Newton Abbot

1. Contact us letting us know when you would like like your lessons and in what area.

2. We will then pair you with one of our highly qualified driving instructors and book you in for your first lessons.

3. Your instructor will contact you to introduce themselves and confirm what will happen on your first driving lesson.

4. Away you go! Before you know it you will have passed your driving test and be enjoying the freedom driving brings.

Driving Instructor Newton Abbot

All of our driving instructors in Newton Abbot are trained by us so we can assure that you get the highest standard of driving lessons in Newton Abbot.

Our highly trained and professional driving instructors also cover Newton Abbot, Torquay, Paignton, Teignmouth, Dawlish, Ashburton, Exeter and surrounding areas.

We have the right option for you. Prefer a female instructor in Newton Abbot or automatic driving lessons in Newton Abbot? We can tailor our driving lessons to fit your needs.

At Cowley’s School of Motoring we are here to help. If you want fun, relaxed and quality driving lessons near you then get in touch. Our driving instructors will get you learning to drive and passing your test in no time.

Get In Touch to Book Your Driving Lessons in Newton Abbot

Do you want to pass your driving test in Newton Abbot, get a driving licence and enjoy the freedom driving brings?

Book your driving lessons in Newton Abbot with Cowley’s School of Motoring and you won’t look back (except in those mirrors).

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Free access to our pupil app

Gain free access to our pupil app when you sign up for driving lessons with Cowley’s School of Motoring. Our driving instructors will guide for how to use the app to keep track of your progress.

Have all your lessons and payments in one place so you don’t have to worry about when you next need to pay or when your next lesson is. Free message reminders so you never forget when your driving instructor will be turning up.

Keep track of your progress with your driving instructor and reflect of lessons with our reflective logs, see if you can get all 5 stars and progress to your driving test.

“After 25 lessons with Cowley Motoring School, I passed my driving test with only 4 driver faults. My instructor was Phil and I could recommend him wholeheartedly. Why? Phil is a great driving instructor. When I met him for the first time, I knew ‘he was the one I was looking for’. He was friendly, kind, patient and was able to create a relaxed atmosphere in the car. Phil has a good sense of humour and I really liked how he used it through the driving lessons. Also, he was able to point out my mistakes gently. I think Phil’s greatest skill was that he could read in my mind. He knew better than me why I made a particular mistake. He didn’t mind to explain something several times and I never felt that he got bored if I tried a particular manoeuvre for 6 times in a row. Phil didn’t teach me rigid methods; his aim was to teach me how to make indistinctively the right decisions. Phil has an outstanding memory and he could remember situations weeks back. He is a well prepared and experienced driving instructor who uses modern technology though his driving lessons. I like the way how he explained different situations (traffic, roundabouts) on his tablet. I’m really grateful to him for booking my driving test after our first driving lesson so I didn’t loose time on that. Phil is a reliable person. We went through several times on the “show me, tell me” questions, so when I started the exam I was sure I knew the right replies. He prepared me for the exam technically and mentally with his practical advice and pushed me ahead when I was down. He coped with my personal circumstances well and offered options; he was flexible. I really hope that he continues this job for at least 9 years more when my children reach the age to learn to drive with him!”
Our Lessons Tailored For You
Let our pupil led driving lessons guide you towards passing your driving test and beyond. We will help you to become a safe confident driver who is ready for all situations.


Test Rescue
Have you failed a driving test? Our experienced team can plan your driving lessons to compliment your exsisting skills and ensure you pass your next driving test.


Automatic Driving Lessons Newton Abbot

Automatic driving lessons can help take the stress out of driving. Focus on the road with our automatic instructor with lessons tailored to your needs.

Nervous Drivers
If you’re a nervous driver or have had a bad experience learning our calm and non judgemental instructors can coach you back to confidence.
Intensive Courses Newton Abbot

Our intensive driving courses are available to book and get you on the road to being a competent driver quickly.

Instructor Training

Train to become a driving instructor. As an ADI you will be able to have flexible working hours, a rewarding career and earn a healthy living.



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