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Become a Driving Instructor

become a driving instructor
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Driving Instructor

50 Hours In-Car Training 

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Online Training Course With Over 60 Hours Training Videos

Could becoming a Driving Instructor be the Career change you’ve always wanted?


Are you are interested in the benefits of controlling your work-life balance, being able to spend more time with family and friends, becoming your own boss, and working the hours that suit you, in an area that suits you?



Could You Earn Over £30k a year?

Here’s how,

Lets start with a typical working day,

First lesson 9am-11am

Second lesson 11.30am- 1.30pm

Lunch 1.30pm – 2.30pm

Third lesson 2.30pm- 4.30pm

Assuming you are working 5 days a week, this will give you a weekly sales income of £960 (Monthly £3840)

Adding an evening lesson 5pm-7pm to this could increase this a further £320 per week.

This can be Monday – Friday or you may want to take a week day off and work Saturday or Sunday.

The beauty of being a Driving Instructor is it’s your choice and you can make it fit your circumstances.

Lets assume you choose to work a 30 hour week.

Monthly Lesson sales 30 hours @ £32p/h with 4 weeks holiday  £3840


Tuition Vehicle Insurance                         £40

Vehicle Contract Hire                                £310

Franchise Fee                                              £325

Fuel                                                                £260

Monthly Profit                                           £2905

Yearly Profit                                           £34,860

This is based on 30 tuition hours per week; you may choose to work more or less than this, remember it’s all your choice.

Driving Instructor Training

We have an all inclusive training package that not only increases your chances of passing but also sets you up ready for working as a Driving Instructor. We manage the whole process for you so that all you need to do is focus on learning.

What’s Included?

50 hours practical in car tuition

Online Training Course with over 60 hours of training videos

Comprehensive guide and workbooks to becoming a Driving Instructor

All sessions with business owner Phil Cowley and his 14 years experience

At home reading material

Post qualification training if you join our team

This comprehensive package is everything you need not only to qualify but also to become a great Driving Instructor.

Training can fit around your current commitments, typically 2-4 hours a week depending on your circumstances.

Should you want to take this opportunity and become a Driving Instructor, then contact us to book an informal meeting to cover any final questions you may have and to get you started.

ADI Part 1 and Part 2

Use our FREE theory app to parctice for your Part 1 and our FREE pupil app to track your progress for Part 2. Our aim is to give you everything you need to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible.

How To Become A Driving Instructor

steps to become a driving instructor
  1. Get a DBS check.
  2.  Apply to become a Driving Instructor with DVSA.
  3. Take a theory test – ADI Part 1 (We will guide you through this with online practice.)
  4. Take a driving test – ADI Part 2 (We will make sure you’re ready with in-car practice.)
  5. Take an instructor test – ADI Part 3 (We help prepare you for this with in-car practice with real learners not roleplay like some trainers.)
  6. Once you’ve passed all 3 tests register to become an ADI ( Get your green badge you’ve earned it!!)
  7. Join the team and enjoy your new career.
No Long Term Contracts
Don’t get caught out by long term contracts!


We don’t ask you to lock into a long-term contract. The main reason for this is we believe we offer a great service and that we don’t need to force you to stay because we hope you will want to stay within our team.

Some schools will offer you discount training but lock you into a 2-year contract with no guarantees of work. This has caused many a new driving instructor issues and is not a great way to start a new career.

We are upfront from the start with no hidden costs and no long-term contracts. Our aim is for you to be successful, so you want to stay, not trap you so must stay.

Contact us to find out more