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Driving Lessons After Lockdown 3.0

When will driving lessons start again?


According to the government’s recent announcement setting out a roadmap out of lockdown, driving lessons are set to return no earlier than 14th April.

We have yet at the time of writing had confirmation from DVSA when lessons can return. As long as stage 1 of the roadmap goes well the government stick to the date of April 14th then we should be returning then. We are currently planning and booking driving lessons based on that date.


When will driving tests start again?


As with driving lessons, driving tests are set to return on the 14th of April. However, the DVSA may decide to delay the restart of tests to give learners a chance to prepare for the test. We are currently planning around the 14th April date set out in the government’s roadmap but update once the DVSA confirms dates.


What will happen if I already had a driving test booked?

If you already had a driving test booked then the DVSA will automatically move this to a new date. You can also change it yourself if you wish or ask your instructor to manage it if they offer that service. Having not had lessons for a long period you will want to make sure you book some driving lessons to ensure you’re prepared.

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Will I have to wait for driving lessons?

Most likely is the unfortunate answer. With driving lessons only taking place for 5 months in the last year there are a lot of learners who would have normally have started and passed their tests by still waiting. We currently have a waiting list in all areas, we are doing our best to fit everyone in and want to get you all out safely on the road. We are aiming to have a few new instructors on the road soon, so hopefully, you won’t be waiting too long.


What can I do whilst waiting for driving lessons?

There’s are few things to do to help yourself pass quicker and be ready for driving lessons.


  • Take your theory test. We can then plan and book your driving test from day one of your driving lessons. All our pupils have access to our free theory app.
  • Watch our online tutorials. These will help you prepare and be ready for driving lessons and help you learn faster once in the car. You can find our online tutorials here.
  • Save up for driving lessons. Saving up for lessons will mean you don’t have any gaps in your lessons once you get started and maybe lose your place. It can also mean you may be able to afford more than one lesson a week.
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We look forward to helping you get out on the road as soon as we can. Get in touch to book your driving lessons.

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