Driving Lessons

No Stopping!

No Stopping 


How not stopping will make you a better driver!


Learning to drive can be tricky. Trying to learn to reverse bay park or MSLSL all with your instructor constantly asking you to look down the road. “But what am I looking for and why?”


Here at Cowley’s School of Motoring, all our highly trained driving instructors use special techniques to help you with these processes, so that you can learn to drive in a way that makes sense to you and enjoy your driving lessons.


Let me tell you about one of my favourite techniques for helping my leaners become better drivers on their driving lessons:



What’s that? How does it work? How will it improve your driving lessons?


So, we set off for a 10-15 minute drive and our aim is not to stop during this drive, regardless of what happens on the drive.


Now, you’re probably sat there with the same confused look my learners give me but hear me out;

First things first, we would never do anything unsafe or illegal during this practice, in fact, the goal is the complete opposite. 


So how do we achieve this and what are the benefits? 

First of all this style of driving is much safer, as you’re always planning ahead and scanning the road for things that may cause you to stop. Also, when learning, it helps to scan the road with a purpose rather than just hazard perception. It helps connect the what with the why in our brains.

The second major factor for practicing this on driving lessons is the skills it enables the learner to use; speed control, clutch control, progressive braking, road scanning and hazard perception.

It will also benefit your eco safe driving, reducing your fuel bills and helping the planet. Traffic jams would be reduced if everyone adopted this style of driving making everyone’s life happier.

But don’t just take my word for it, give it a go and assess the benefits for yourself!


Most importantly, it’s a fun way to learn and we want our driving lessons to be enjoyable. So give it a go and be safe!