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Refresher Lessons

Build your confidence, improve your skills and familiarise yourself with the roads once more with our trusted refresher driving lessons.

What Are Refresher Driving Lessons?

Refresher driving lessons are a relaxed, comfortable way to improve on your driving skills, or reacquaint yourself with driving if you’ve not stepped behind the wheel for a while. For many drivers, having a knock to their confidence or not driving for a long period of time can leave them feeling nervous about the prospect of driving. Refresher lessons are a safe environment to help you get back to a good standard of driving, and ensure you know about motoring updates, before going it alone.

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Who Are Refresher Driving Lessons Suitable For?

Our refresher lessons are perfect for any individuals holding a full and valid UK driving licence who are looking for support to get confidence back in their driving. You may not have driven in a while, lost faith in your driving capabilities, or you may have been involved in a traffic collision that has made you reluctant to take to the roads again. Whatever the reason, our refresher lessons are suitable for all types of drivers to help them enjoy driving once more.

Gain Confidence On The Motorway

Are you looking to gain confidence on motorway driving? With our refresher lessons, our instructors can accompany you on the motorway, helping you experience busier roads in a safer environment.

Why Choose Cowley's School Of Motoring?

At Cowleys School of Motoring, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. Our instructors all have a huge amount of experience with all levels of experienced drivers, and we can find the perfect fit in instructor for you. We understand that there are many different reasons motorists require refresher lessons, and our expert instructors are trained to listen to your unique requirements and adapt your lesson content accordingly.

Helping Nervous Drivers Get Back On The Road

Our instructors are experienced at helping nervous drivers feel relaxed and coaching you back to confidence. We’ll ensure you know exactly what to expect on your lessons, and that each session progresses at a speed you’re completely comfortable with.

What To Expect On Your Refresher Driving Lessons

Our lessons are tailored to the requirements of each individual student. Whether you want to familiarise yourself with a certain driving route, recap on best-practice driving techniques or practice manoeuvres, our instructors will help you get your confidence back. We can advise on the quieter times to take your lessons, and help you with any weak areas of your driving knowledge.

Areas We Offer Refresher Driving Lessons

All of instructors offer refresher driving lessons for drivers with a valid UK driving licence. Our areas include:


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