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How to find gaps on Roundabouts

Find a Gap

Finding gaps on roundabouts can be tricky, here are some tips that will help you with roundabouts and passing your test:


Approach Slowly


Approaching slowly will give yourself more time to read the situation, assess the cars and find a gap.




Mirrors (Check for traffic behind that may affect your approach)

Signal (Signal your direction at the roundabout to help others know where your going)

Position (Select your lane on approach)

Speed (Change speed depending upon volume of traffic and your visability)

Look (Look for traffic approaching from the right and on the roundabout)


Look Early


Start looking early; the earlier you start assessing the traffic, the easier it will be to decide when to go.



Watch for blockers that help you into the roundabout (see video of Balls Corner roundabout below on what to look for). Blockers are cars exiting the roundabout, blocking the traffic from the right but not affecting you, therefore creating a gap for you to enter the roundabout.


Cars Have Eyes

Let’s imagine the cars headlights are the cars eyes (go with me on this) working out where the cars are going will now be easier. Car go where they are looking; if the cars eyes are facing off the roundabout then they are exiting.

Trust Yourself

Trust your instincts, if it feels like a gap it is a gap. If you get the feeling that you have a space, trust it and go.

Just In Case

Always do a last minute check as you are setting off. Check for cars that have changed direction or speed since your decision to go.

Watch this video of Balls Corner roundabout in Newton Abbot.


  •  Can you spot the blockers?
  •  When would you go?


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