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Should I Choose Automatic Driving Lessons?

What to expect on your first automatic driving lesson.


Your first automatic driving lesson in some ways will be similar to a manual driving lesson. We will need to check your provisional driving licence and eyesight. This is done by reading a number plate from 22.5 meters away. We will discuss the learning process and theory tests, talk about safety on the road and then off we go for a practice. This is where the differences between automatic driving lessons and manual driving lessons start. Generally, you will be able to start driving around quicker when taking automatic driving lessons.


What are the differences between Automatic and Manual Driving Lessons?


Of the 5 main skills you will cover when learning to drive, Awareness, Anticipation, Planning, Judgement and Control the only one affect by learning Automatic is Control. However, it has a big knock on affect to all the others. Learning the control aspects of an automatic car is easier than a manual. With no gear changes or clutch control, you can allow yourself t to focus on the other 4 skills more and therefore making them easier to grasp as well.

Take approaching a roundabout for example, you should be assessing the traffic, anticipating and judging its movement. Then planning your entry into the roundabout. This can be tricky at the best of times but becomes a lot easier when you’re not also having to worry, what gear will I need?, when should I change gear?, how should I change gear? and will I get the move off right?

This is the main difference in taking automatic driving lessons, it allows you to focus on being safe and aware of your surroundings rather than gears and clutch control.

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Why Might You Prefer Automatic Driving Lessons.


Learners choose Automatic driving lessons for several different reasons and each person’s choice is individual to them. Some of the reasons we’ve come across include;

  • Struggled with manual driving lessons, using the gears and clutch control.
  • Want to learn faster.
  • Automatic is becoming more popular and more cars are now automatic.
  • Electric cars of the future are automatic.
  • Outside of Europe automatic cars are the norm.
Are Automatic Driving Lessons Becoming More Popular?


Outside of Europe automatic driving lessons are the norm. However, in the Europe and the UK manual driving lessons are still ahead in popularity. Automatic driving lessons are becoming more popular in the UK and more and more people are driving automatic cars. 40% of cars sold in the UK are automatic that’s doubled since 2007 and it’s still raising. So, learning automatic is setting you up for the future of cars.


Interested in Automatic Driving Lessons?


If you’re interested in automatic driving lessons, we can book you in for a trial lesson to give it go.

Head over to our Automatic Lessons page for more information.


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