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Top 5 Tips For Passing Your Driving Test

At Cowley’s School of Motoring we understand that taking the driving test can be a nevous time. Here are our top 5 tips for passing the driving test to help you on your way to a driving licence.

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1. Be Ready

  • More than 50% of driving tests end in a fail.
  • Most of these are due to learners not being ready.
  • Make sure you’ve had enough practice.
  • Can you drive independently without help?
  • Would you be confident driving on your own after passing your test?

2. Stay Calm

  • Easier said than done, I’ll agree.
  • However, if you’re ready that will help your confidence and therefore calmness.
  • The examiner isn’t looking for magic tricks, just a safe, competent drive.
  • Relax and show them your skills.

Top Tips for your Driving Test

3. Master these skills


  • Awareness (What’s around you at all times?)
  • Planning (What are you going to do about what you’ve seen?)
  • Anticipation (What if the situation changes and how might it change?)
  • Judgment (How will you know? Speed, distance, positioning, movement, etc..)
  • Control (Can you control the car?)


4. Mock Test


  • Mock tests are a great way to experience how the test feels before the big day.
  • They help answer questions about what will happen.
  • They show any weaknesses you may still have.
  • Try to have a mock with a different instructor, as this will feel more like the test.
5. Find the right instructor


  • They should be calm, patient and professional.
  • Do they encourage you to analyse your own your progress and help you learn each lesson.
  • A good instructor will be honest with you about when you’re ready for test.
  • They will save you money by helping you learn quicker and not fail multiple tests.

Get in touch and we can help you get through your driving test with many more tips like these. Our team of driving instructors are waiting to book you in for driving lessons now.

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