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Pedestrian Crossings

We will be covering different types of pedestrian crossings and how to deal with them. The main pedestrian crossings are:





Pegasus (Equestrian)


Zebra crossings are given their name due to the black and white stripes on the road.

As you appraoch a Zebra crossing:

  • Look for pedestrians around or near the crossing and be prepared to stop for them.
  • Check the traffic behind you as you may need to stop and you need to assess how that will affect other road users.
  • You MUST give way to any pedestrians on the crossing and wait until they have left the crossing before proceeding.
  • A Zebra crossing with a central island should be treated as two seperate crossings.
  • You must not park on or near a zebra crossing. The zig zag lines mark out this area.
  • You must not overtake when in the area of the zig zag lines or on the crossing.


zebra crossing
zebra crossing newton abbot
zebra crossing torquay

Pelican Crossing

The main difference with Pelican crossings compared to the other traffic light controlled crossings, is that is has a flashing amber light. The flashing amber light means you can go once the crossing is clear. I remember this as ” you peliCAN go at a flashing amber light if it is clear.”

As you approach the crossing:

Check traffic behind you, as you may need to stop.

Check for pedestrains at or near the crossing.

Be prepared for lights to change if there is a pedestrian near by.

You must not park or overtake on the zig zag lines or the crossing.

pelican crossing
Puffin Crossing Newton Abbot
traffic light sequence

Puffin Crossings

Approach Puffin crossings the same way you would approach Pelican crossing. The difference comes with the light sequence. Instead of a flashing amber light, Puffin crossings have a sensor to sense when pedestrians have crossed; at this point you will get a solid amber and red, followed by green.


Toucan and Equestrian Crossings

These both work in the same way as a Puffin crossing. Toucan crossings are used by pedestrians and cyclists, so will be near cycle routes. You can remember this by remembering that it has two types of users, so “two can cross a Toucan crossing”

Equestrian crossings are used by horse riders and works the same as a Pelican crossing.

Toucan Crossing

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